Ken Gottry - Cambridge NY History

 The Cambridge Public Library invited me to present a four-part lecture series: Village, Schools, Churches, and Fire Dept

In honor of Cambridge's 250th anniversary, I created a slide show of Cambridge as it was THEN and how it is NOW. Each slide presents a section of Cambridge with photos of how it used to look and photos of how it looks in 2011. Each slide also contains text describing the history associated with the photo.

In 1913 the Village of Cambridge paved its Main Street with yellow bricks. My great grandfather, William L. Hitchcock, was given the task of finishing a project that floundered through much of the year.

On Saturday 26-Apr-2014 I gave a slideshow presentation at the Cambridge Public Library. Many locals were on hand to add their stories to my slides, including Harry Moses and Carleton Peters.
Each year I pick a topic of local history, do some research, and give a presentation at the Cambridge Historical Society. On 15-Jul-2015 the topic was The Covered Bridges of Lower Washington County, NY.